To Prepare For This Discussion: Carefully Review Your Learning Resources. View The Two Media Pieces: Incident In The ER: Part I And Incident In The ER: Part 2. Consider How Both Healthcare Managers Handled The

To prepare for this discussion:

  • Carefully review your Learning Resources. View the two media pieces: Incident in the ER: Part I and Incident in the ER: Part 2. Consider how both healthcare managers handled the incident in both situations. What did the two individuals do wrong? What did they do right to ensure better quality and safety in the future?
  • Select one of the two case studies provided to discuss: “Trouble with the Pharmacy—Case for Chapter 7,” or “On Being Transparent.”
  • Seek additional resources to support your Discussion from one of these website resources on healthcare quality:
    • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
    • Institute for Healthcare Improvement
    • The Joint Commission

Post a comprehensive response to the following:

  • Describe how issues of quality of care and safety might be viewed from the perspective of each of the following:
    • A patient
    • A healthcare provider
    • A healthcare leader or manager
  • Describe the similarities between these perspectives.
  • Describe the differences between these perspectives.
  • Explain the role of a healthcare leader or manager in addressing quality and safety challenges in the case study you chose. Then, provide a specific example of a strategy that might help ensure future quality and safety by protecting patients from quality and safety errors.