Consultant to the Client Organization

Fig Technologies is a global technology solutions firm with offices around the globe. Fig Technologies’ corporate headquarters is just outside Mobile, Alabama. Fig recently acquired several smaller firms in different regions to expand its products and service lines. Assimilating the processes, systems, and human capital has presented a significant challenge. The leadership has chosen to bring in an outside firm to address concerns. You are the consultant from that firm, The Solution Group.

In each of the assignments in this course, you will be given a scenario to address the concern that is presented. You will be expected to develop assessment, analysis, and research in order to support your proposed solution. Often, you will be asked to present the top three solutions for the concern and support your answer. Use of course materials (textbook and required readings) and external credible materials is strongly encouraged. The scenario is not intended to have a set answer but to develop critical thinking on what can often be very emotional and opinion-based topics. Consider carefully your position and how you will support the proposed solutions.

Grading will not require simply meeting format standards and word count. It will require substantive content, research, and critical thinking. Each assignment will be a section of a comprehensive report that will be submitted to the Fig Technologies Executive Leadership Council (ELC) in written form in Unit VII. The presentation will be made in Unit VIII. Consider as you work on each assignment how it will fit into the final report that will be sent to the ELC for review. The final report will include recommendations for continued improvement regarding managing diversity in the organization.

The project serves as an opportunity to stretch your thinkin