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Assignment: Create a standards-compliant Decision Model that frames a Clinical Decision Support Rule

Objective: Model the cognitive side of medical practice

Description: To deliver CDS recommendations in a timely fashion, it is useful to  contextualize, and isolate, the rules within a (business) process. DMN Decision Models provide a standardized way to do so.

Rationale: The separation of concerns between models of clinical workflow, deliberation tasks, decision making and interventions is crucial. This assignment focuses on the distinction between decision modeling, as opposed to decision making. The chosen language, DMN, shows how a ‘structured’ model can carry an underlying, implicit formal model.


Review the specification of the “asthma, due for influenza vaccination” clinical reminder. Link

Download and install the Camunda modeler software from this link.

Use the Modeler to create a DMN decision model. Make sure you include the following aspects:

What question is the rule trying to answer? {7pt}

Name the main decision model accordingly

What are the possible answers, and what is their clinical interpretation? {3pt}

Discuss the question and the answers in your report

What are the decision inputs? Are they data or sub-decisions? {5pt}

Model the dependency between the decision model and the CDS rule specification at the link above {5pt}

Use a ‘dmn:Knowledge Source’ in the appropriate place in the diagram

DO NOT model the decision logic itself

No decision tables, rules or expressions are required

Save the decision model using the standard DMN XML format {5pt}

Copy / Past the XML from the ‘XML’ tab, or save the model as “.dmn”

Submit the deliverables online:

A brief report (max 1 page) including any notes and comments about your modeling choices


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