Order 1056936: Women, Democratization, And Beyond How Did Women Help Achieve Democratization And Improvement Of Women’s Status?

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Please do not reference more than 2 times. Also, DO NOT use other articles in the paper. It is NOT article review. Please write an argumentative thesis statement. Also, use According to…. to refer. Please give a specific footnotes EX,(Author′s name, 28) Dont use other sources! ″Please use only the articles i uploaded. Also, a substantial paragraph (double-spaced, not to exceed 1 page) in which you give a contextualized mini thesis statement (a claim that can be argued against), supported by a passage (direct or indirect quotation) from that week’s reading. The quotation must be introduced, and followed up by a brief explanation of its significance to your claim. The weekly assignments are practice for your paper, in which you will build your larger thesis with a series of smaller claims. The quotation must be footnoted in Chicago Manual of Style format. Please see the correct format with the document i upload.

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