Review Case Study 6.1 in your textbook on pp. 169–170, and address the questions that are provided below. In essay format, provide a complete and detailed response to each question. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your essay. Each of the responses should be compiled into a document that consists of at least two pages. Your essay should address the following questions:

  1. What factors encouraged the entrepreneurs to develop an alternative to the traditional source of primary care?
  2. What characteristics did the urgent care center concept have that might make it unattractive to mainstream healthcare consumers?
  3. What assumptions did the developers make at the outset about the demand for such service and the type of consumers who might use it based on how consumers make decisions regarding health care?
  4. From the market research, did the developers find that the urgent care center model would appeal to the general population or that some segments of the population would find it more attractive than others?
  5. What was the profile of the best prospects for utilization of an urgent care center?
  6. Explain the products, product mix, and various ways the developers conceptualize products for the target consumer. How would the product mix at urgent care centers differ from those in primary care facilities?
  7. Explain how marketing of the urgent care center’s attributes should be highlighted to influence the target audience’s decision to visit the center.