For Sochien, Differnt Article

 I have uploaded a ppt, you can find article relate to this ppt

Articles should relate to personal health. Scholarly journals and newspapers are recommended sources to locate articles. The assignment is due in Canvas.  Articles must be current-from the last six months or less. Each article submission must include:

  • A typed, 12 Times New Roman point font, double space, 1” margin, document that contains:
  • Title Page including:
  • Name and date
  • Article Title and Source
  • Summary of article: What is the topic? What are the main points? Is this new or updated information?
  • Application of how the information fits into class.
  • Opinion: What are your thoughts about the article? Why do you think this article is important? Discuss your reaction to the main points in the article.

Your summary document should be 2 to 3 pages, not including the title page.

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