Complete The Following Numbered Problems

Complete the following numbered problems from our textbook, “Strategies for Creative Problem Solving”: 8.11 (use the K.T. Decision Analysis format and Adverse Consequences) on pages 224 and 225 and 8.16 (use the K.T. Potential Problem Analysis format) on page 225 and 226. In addition to the two problems out of the book, do a K.T. Potential Problem Analysis for graduation and completion of your degree (use the K.T. Potential Problem Analysis format) using MS Word or Excel. Write your answers to the following question in the proper Table Format. Follow the example formats given in Chapter 8 (summary on page 214). For 8.11, you must have at least 4 wants in your KTDA. For 8.16 and the KTPPA for graduation and degree completion, make sure you have at least 5 potential problems and multiple causes and preventative actions for each.

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– Content:
Opinion: When a question asks for your opinion, its answer is exactly that – your opinion. Feel free to use your own opinion.
Cite Examples:  you may use a citation right after the answer to a question, or you may list your references at the end. It is not required to have a separate reference page.
Stating the Question before Answering It: While some reports require that you state the question before your answer, is not required to do this.

Its due after 22 hours

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