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This week’s discussion I will like to discuss about a STD called pubic lice. Pubic lice is exactly the name with lice on your hair in the private area. Pubic lice believe it or not, about 3 millions of people in the United States get infected with pubic lice ever year.

Pubic lice symptoms consist of intense itching in the genital area, super small bugs that are tan or whitish-gray in oval, yellow, white or pearly color and are darker when they are full of blood. You may also see dark or bluish spots on the skin where they feed, feeling feverish, run-down or irritable. This does not cause serious health problems but could be uncomfortable. Could easily get rid of it over the counter medicine. Getting pubic lice does not mean you’re dirty or have nothing to do with hygiene or cleanliness.

These insects are tiny and they look like crabs you see at the beach. They live on the skin, coarse hairs hat are around the genitals which includes eyelashes, eyebrows, chest hair, armpit, beards and mustaches that feed on skin for blood. Pubic lice spread easily during sexual contact or have personal contact with someone who has them. Additionally, sometimes pubic lice are spread by using an infected person’s clothes, towels or bed. These tiny insects does not like to live on the top of your head as head lice doesn’t show up in the pubic area either.

Person could treat pubic lice with over the counter medicine or the doctor’s office. To confirm you have contracted pubic lice, check for little crabs eggs stuck to the base of the pubic hair, look for blood bites on the skin, and intense itchiness.

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1 day agoWeekly discussion week 5For this weeks discussion forum I chose the effects adderall has on a user that is addicted to the substance, adderall is a stimulant and can have strong side effects when misused can cause feelings of boosted energy and intense invigoraton similar to the high experienced of illicit stimulants. Adderall can create rewarding feelings of euphoria which has led to it becoming so popular for recreational drug misuse. However,once the initial positive effects wear off, adderall abuse can produce many unwanted symptoms including 


Feelings of depression and lethargy.

Increased anxiety.


Chronic Long term effects of the use of adderall as prescribed or abused include 

Erratic behavior.



Vitamin deficiencies.

Physiological disorders.

Irregular heartbeat and increased heart attack risk.

Abnormal blood pressure levels.

How to help a user get off adderall they will go through the withdrawal process it is found that, People who take large doses of Adderall for prolonged periods of time run the risk of becoming physically dependent on the drug. When this happens, a tolerance builds up, meaning it takes larger and more frequent doses to get the same effects as before.

Those who have a tolerance to Adderall often feel like the drug doesn’t help them concentrate or increase their energy like it did before. However, if they stop taking the drug, they can’t think or function normally.Adderall withdrawal is a result of the body recalibrating itself to function without the drug. While withdrawal from Adderall is rarely dangerous on its own, it may prompt suicidal thoughts for some. Unsurprisingly, the symptoms of withdrawal from Adderall are essentially the opposite of the drug’s effects. While Adderall increases concentration, euphoria and energy, the crash that follows after someone stops taking the drug results in a reversal of these effects. People who have a higher tolerance for Adderall have a more severe withdrawal symptoms can include Depression, Irritability




Increased appetite. 



Difficulty concentrating. 



Suicidal thoughts. 

Prolonged withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on how long use was made within the drug being consumed and by how strong of dose.