Work With Diverse People Diploma Of Nursing

Students will be provided a briefing on the assessment and the opportunity to seek clarification on the conduct of the assessment.

Students may seek clarification at any point in time during the assessment task. Should students feel they need more time to complete the assessment, they must negotiate the time needed with the assessor prior to the assessment due date.

Following the assessment, responses are to be assessed and marked as appropriate. Where responses have been assessed in one (1) or more tasks as unsatisfactory, students will be required to resubmit these tasks. For more information, detailed information can be found in PP77 Assessment Policy and Procedure…

  1. Provide a definition of the concept of diversity
    2. Diversity means more than just acknowledging and/or tolerating difference. Identify and briefly explain three (3) characteristics of someone who is implementing the conscious practice of diversity into their work practices
    3. Provide a description of the following:
    a. cultural awareness
    b. cultural safety and
    c. cultural competence
  2. Explain how cultural awareness, cultural safety and cultural competence impact the role of Registered Nurse/Residential Care Worker when working with a service with people, including clients, co-workers and external agency staff, from diverse social and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Answer the following questions about political and economic diversity in Australia and how this can impact different areas of work and life.
  4. How does the Australian Domestic Policy affect the work environment?
  5. What impact on the community do political leaders have when making public statements about diversity in Australia? Particularly when different political figures hold such varying opinions.
  6. How has immigration contributed to economic diversity in Australia?
  7. Answer the following questions about social and cultural diversity in Australia and how this impact different areas of work and life (Short)
    a. How has immigration changed the cultural makeup of Australia over the past 3 decades?
    b. How has the population diversity impacted workforce and care services in Australia?
  8. Answer the following questions relating to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
    a. How has the impact of European settlement potentially affected Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people’s engagement with community services or health systems?

HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing

Student Assessment Student Assessment
a.Assessor Guide
b. How has loss of land and culture potentially affected Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people’s engagement with community services or health systems?
c. Identify two economic issues commonly facing Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and how these impact on engagement with community services or health systems.
d. Describe how modern-day culture and western influences might have impacted on the way Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people engage with community services or health systems.

  1. Thinking about the legal and ethical context of discrimination, answer the following questions:
    a. How do you ensure as a Registered Nurse/Residential Care Worker you do not discriminate against the client?
    b. Briefly describe discrimination in the following contexts; age, disability, racial, sex.
    c. What legislation exists, both nationally and state/territory based to help protect people from discrimination?
    d. What strategies should you adopt when facilitating an individual support plan to ensure you do not discriminate?
    e. What are the consequences to you as an individual worker if you discriminate (intentionally or unintentionally) against a client?
  2. Describe what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is and how it relates to people requiring support.
  3. What is the relationship between human needs and human rights?
  4. How does a person-centred approach in a residential care environment relate to human rights and various legislation in Australia?
  5. Australia is a party to the seven major human rights treaties
  6. List these treaties in the Australian Human Rights Frameworks.
    b. List three different approaches or instruments used in the workplace that helps ensure people human rights or needs are being accounted for.

HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing

  1. Answer the following questions around the rights and responsibilities of the following parties. List two rights and two responsibilities for the following stakeholders;
    a. Nurses
    b. The employer
    c. The client
    d. What are the appropriate actions when rights are being infringed or responsibilities not being carried out by any of the parties listed above