Testing Topic

NMBA v Simone Morey 2017 http://archive.sclqld.org.au/qjudgment/2017/QCAT17-249.pdf Assessment Type Essay Description You will be provided with a link to a Tribunal Decision about a case concerning a nurse: Please read the case at the link provided: Please pay particular attention to the sections of this case that concern: 1. Individual accountability (Unsatisfactory professional conduct, Professional misconduct, and Failure to protect the public) 2. Collegial accountability (accountability associated with actions of other health professionals) 3. Organisational accountability (accountability for checking professionals registration to practice including conditions imposed on practice, response to repeated unsafe practices, and policy, code of conduct and Standards for practice breaches by health professionals that are tolerated and accepted in the organisation) In your Essay: • In the context of this case, provide a statement of individual accountability in clinical practice and how it relates to the professional codes and standards of practice for advanced practice nurses or nurse practitioners. • Describe how the episodes of misconduct (deliberate actions that constitute a lack of accountability) in this case, might have been prevented or addressed in the context of collegial accountability. • Describe the responsibilities of health facilities and implications for organisational tolerance of shifts in practice across safety boundaries (organisational accountability) and appropriate organisational responses in the event of professional misconduct in the context of the case provided.