Teaching Methods

Develop a teaching plan for your topic: An adolescent who is newly diagnosed with type I diabetes. Your plan should include: at least three learning objectives; a content outline consisting of appropriate learning content, teaching methods and instructional strategies, and learning resources; and a plan for evaluating learning outcomes. The teaching plan (a maximum of five pages) excluding title page, reference page, and appendices) is then sent to your assigned partner for review. Due dates for this are in the course schedule. Refer to your previously assigned readings as resources when preparing your teaching plan. You may find Chapter 21 in your Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing textbook and Chapter 10 in Advancing your Career: Concepts of Professional Nursing helpful, as practical tips are given about developing a teaching plan. You might also like to use this template to organize your teaching plan. Remember to include electronic copies of handouts that you might use or create links to access web resources that are suitable learning resources. The inclusion of such materials will help your peer partner to substantiate the evaluation of your plan in part two of this assignment. Criteria for Evaluation of Assignment 3, Part 1 (25 marks) The following criteria will be used to assess your teaching plan: Is a learning topic identified and does it make sense given the selected client group? For example, have learning readiness, motivation, and any potential teaching deficits been considered? At least three learning objectives are included. Do they indicate the ways in which the outcomes of the learning process will be measured? Selected teaching strategies and instructional methods are included in the content outline, based on the kind of content addressed and the best way it can be delivered. Strategies address the relevant affective, cognitive, and psychomotor learning domains, characteristics of the client such as cognitive learning style, and size of client group. Are learning resources suitable for the target client? Is the correct data being evaluated and will the evaluation method(s) proposed capture accurately the identified learning objectives? Will the proposed evaluation demonstrate whether learning occurred?