Teaching, Learning And Leadership For Clinical Practice



In all clinical contexts nurses are required to teach other staff, patients and their families. In formal teaching and education situations, nurses must ensure they provide good quality processes and evidence their teaching quality. Nurses must document their teaching, the outcomes produced and to initiate an evaluation process to assess the effectiveness of the teaching and learning activity/ies. It is expected that on completion of this task you will have skills and be proficient in: assessing the needs and learning styles of leaners, know how to plan your teaching, implementing your teaching to others and evaluating learning outcomes of others. This assessment will also address your ability to implement a quality improvement cycle in your teaching.

Details Of Task:

Design and develop an evidence-based teaching plan on one of the topics available to do with discharge education or student scope of practice listed on Moodle for a peer teaching session you will be conducting in exam week for fellow students lesson plan is designed to outline what you will do

The teaching plan should show an understanding of the learning characteristics of your learners and how people learn, what resources you need, how you will deliver the content and finally, how you will evaluate learning outcomes and your teaching performance, i.e. did you achieve the objectives of your teaching and if so, how would you know? How did you perform as a teacher?

Your completed lesson plan and narrative will consider and address the following principles of teaching and learning:

Assessing the needs of learners

Characteristics of learners

Teaching and learning theories

Teaching modalities

Evaluation of student learning and own teaching performance.

References are to be used to support your teaching and learning theories.