Teaching In Nursing


This assignment is to evaluate learners’ analytical skills in exploring issues related to mentoring and the attributes of mentors in clinical teaching.


Clinical learning and mentoring is an essential component in educating nurses. Nurses’ competence is based on the knowledge and skill taught to them. Methods of mentoring are broad. Some mentors adhere to a rigid meeting schedule with goals, research and defined expectations. They anticipate problems and guide the mentee through challenges using methodologies such as transformational learning, remediation, and peer mentoring (Sharrod, 2012). Effective mentorship is required for facilitating the nursing students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for providing care and health education to the patients and families.


Discuss the significance of mentoring in clinical teaching, and the attributes of a mentor that are crucially required for providing relevant health teaching to the patients, and to role model the professional values and behaviours.