Statistics And Evidence Based Practice

Justify a clinical problem, search for evidence and translate evidence into practice.

1. Briefly explain the concept and importance of evidence-based practice in nursing in the context of the chosen clinical problem.

2. Discuss the background of the chosen clinical problem which your group has encountered within ONE of the following six evidence-based practice (EBP) topics. Please state the timeframe of your chosen clinical problem.

a. Fall prevention

b. Medication error

c. Pain management

d. Prevention of pressure ulcer

3. Form an answerable clinical question based on the chosen clinical problem using the PICO or PICO format

4. Search for evidence-based sources in the accepted academic databases that potentially answers the clinical question. Search widely across the databases and document the search strategy used (You may wish to use a flow chart to illustrate the performed search and its outcome).

5. Select at least TWO research articles (*can be articles on quantitative or qualitative studies) from the accepted academic databases [Examples of accepted academic databases: CINAHL, Medline, Joanna Briggs Institution (JBI), or Cochrane Library]. Examples of NOT accepted search engines: PowerSearch, Google Scholar.

6. Using the selected appraisal checklist, appraise the research articles by discussing the key components of the selected articles and comparing their reliability and applicability to the clinical question.

7. Select ONE evidence-based recommendation based on the appraisal. State the evidencebased recommendation and briefly outline how this evidence-based recommendation can be implemented to address the clinical problem. Discuss the impact of this evidence-based recommendation on improving patient care.

8. Briefly discuss the barriers in implementing this evidence-based recommendation to address the clinical problem and the strategies to overcome these barriers.

9. Briefly summarise the key points (such as the chosen clinical problem, answer to the clinical question and the impact on patient care) at the end of the assignment essay.