Roles For Nurse Practioners

Develop a personal philosophy and framework acknowledging professional and accrediting agency competencies relating to the role and scope of practice of the family nurse practitioner. Identify a nurse theorist or professional accrediting agency that provides the foundation for this philosophy development. Describe the type of educational courses and professional requirements required for APN professional certification and licensing within the state of Georgia that you will practice in and compare to at least one other state for evaluation purposes. Identify the precise application process for boards, your state regulations for application for prescriptive practice, and issues related to APN practice within the state of Georgia. Evaluate and discuss APN roles and prescriptive privileges and impact on client safety and care. Compare the differences between prescriptive authority, credentialing, and clinical privileges and how each of these impact client safety and care Evaluate the development of the advanced practice nurse role from a global perspective. Compare at least 2 countries and how similar or dissimilar the APN roles are in other countries. Parameters: 1000 words not including the cover page and references. Follow the APA 6th edition for references and citations Include a minimum of 6 scholarly references (does not include text or websites) Demonstrate analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information.