Research In Nursing And Health Care


What is required:

You will present a research literature search strategy that will inform your critical review of the literature (assessment 2) related to a selected topic or question.

1. Write a clear research question.

2. Identify the concepts within your question. You may use PICOT as a useful tool for quantitative research questions – keep in mind that not all questions will require an entry in every column.

Or you may use SPIDER (for a qualitative or mixed question) or any framework you believe is useful for your question (based on the literature and justified).

3. Identify syntax to be used for the search and clearly link them to your question (could be done in the table above).

4. List the study types that will be used and justify them

5. List inclusion and exclusion criteria that will be further used at the full text screening stage are clearly matched to the clinical problem/question

6. Identify and justify appropriate databases to be used in the search.

7. Write a summary to support and justify your search strategy and your understanding of ‘a systematic approach to finding scholarly information’ i.e. why do we do systematic reviews?