Quality Improvement And Patient Safety Online Activity


Complete one post with two sections A and B and then Upload to your Discussion Forum

A.Identify a nursing practice issue (your choice) that you would like to improve on now or in your future. Apply your knowledge of quality care from Week 10 and the Health Quality Ontario’s 6 elements for a culture of quality (Safe, Effective, Patient centered services, Timely fashion, Efficient, and Equitable) when you create your quality improvement plan. Example of a nursing quality improvement plan: In class I spoke about how a nurse’s quality improvement plan reduced the number of infections on her unit by simply not sharing tape between patients. The tape stayed with the patient throughout their hospital stay.

Miscommunication among healthcare providers is a primary cause of adverse events and patient harm. Identify where the areas of miscommunication occurred between, healthcare providers and the family member.

What principles of a just culture were upheld in Logan’s patient safety story?

What ideas about patient safety from this Week’s class could be used to prevent an adverse event like this from occurring in the future.

What surprised you most when you read that Canada was behind in preventable harm in healthcare settings? What is your 15% solution (something you can do now and without additional resources or authority) to making our Canadian healthcare system safer?