Public Health Policy

Describe how the selected public health issue has been addressed in your country or local area where you live now: What public health approaches have been used to address the issue in your country? You must provide references to support your statements. – Were these approaches successful? You must provide research evidence of their success. – What other approaches could be used to address the public health issue (eg drawing on what you have learned about the principles and practice of public health so far, what other approaches could be adopted to successfully address this public health issue?)? You must provide references to support your statements. Note, you cannot select a public health issue which is covered in any of the modules in this subject. This means you cannot select cervical cancer, tobacco / smoking, obesity / food systems, or climate change. Remember when thinking about a public health issue it does not have to be a disease or health issue. Think broadly about what public health means and what impacts on the public’s health when choosing your public health issue.