Professional Experience Placement

Using Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle, students will write a reflective paper on identified clinical themes from their PEP experience. Students should discuss similarities or differences between this learning experience and their previous professional experience, they will examine the clinical theme/ issue or dilemma, describe the incident, identify ethical issues, explore feelings, evaluate, critically analyse, draw conclusions and develop an action plan.

Students will have to consider duty of care, standards of practice, consent, negligence, communication issues. The reflection will help the student identify their personal and professional development, evaluate the experience, analyse the similarities or differences between current learning experience and previous experience. Students will draw conclusions and develop an action plan to enable them to set goals, keep on track and reflect on own progress.

The students will present a 1500-word paper, that focuses on weekly themes is undertaken each week of placement. In this paper students will relate clinical themes/ issues or dilemmas, describe the incident, identify ethical issues, explore feelings, evaluate, critically analyse, draw conclusions, relate these to the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards of Practice (2016) and the multi-disciplinary health care environment to develop an action plan. The student’s paper will be assessed by IHM lecturers as satisfactory or not satisfactory based on ability to form a logical piece of work. The student will need to consider the implications of the suggested actions/inactions and the

application of theory to practice. The students must support their arguments with evidence from appropriate literature.

General instructions for the assessment

• The reflective paper word limit is 1500 (plus or minus 20%). All words are calculated towards the word limit except for the cover page, title page, direct quotes, and end-text references. If you write less or more than this, penalties will apply.

• The reflective journal must be presented in accordance with the IHM Assessment Guidelines. Students can submit their written paper to Turnitin at any time during the course but no later than the assessment submission deadline. Keep your Turnitin receipt as evidence of submission