Principles Of Mental Health Nursing

Learning Outcomes

you should be able to:

1. identify international and national concepts of mental health

2. outline biopsychosocial, spiritual and cultural factors that impact on the person’s experience of mental health issues

3. describe the role for the mental health nurse within the multidisciplinary team in the provision of collaborative care to people experiencing mental health issues, their family and carers

4. demonstrate a sound knowledge of quality use of medicines, non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions and complementary therapies in the mental health context

5. apply the Recovery Framework and the Levett-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle in planning safe, evidence-based, culturally sensitive, person-centred mental health nursing for
individuals, their family and carers

6. apply legal and ethical principles in the planning of care for individuals experiencing mental health issues and their family and carers


For students to demonstrate their understanding of patient focused concepts in mental health.


This assessment enables students to demonstrate understanding of concepts and patient focus factors in mental health. This assessment requires critical discussion on restrictive and coercive practices in mental health. Students will be able to select one question (from a possible two) and will draw from national and international perspectives within  contemporary literature.