Power Of Image Advocating

Module Notes: Understanding Influence The Power of Image Advocating for the Profession Nursing, as the largest healthcare workforce in this country, should be a very powerful voice in advocating professionally, politically, and for the health care for all Americans. Although these numbers should make nursing a powerful professional voice in determining health care today, the negative portrayal of nurses in the media and the sheer lack of numbers involved in professional organizations has hampered this voice on all levels. 1. After reviewing module notes and provided resources, share with your classmates, your reaction to the video “Empowering the Nursing Image” and how the portrayal of nursing in the media has effected nursing’s influence in health care today. 2. Next, identify an issue from the Campaign for Action website. 3. Describe your own political efficacy on this issue. 4. Describe how you could advocate for change, using your classmates as your audience.