Format of assignment: Introduction identifies purpose of the paper, details of patient and describes events leading up to and reason/s for admission. Rationale for admission with inclusion of patient risks-10% Pathophysiology/ Pharmacology: Display understanding of links between presenting signs and symptoms and pathophysiological/ pharmacological changes leading to this admission-30% Investigations: Display understanding of assessment (vital signs, history, physical etc) and diagnostic (Xray, bloods, ECG etc) activities/ tests through critical evaluation of collected data during this patient’s admission. Display how these activities informed the patients plan and management of care-20% Recommendations: Identify and provide a rationale for your patients the most urgent issue (eg: diet, mobility, self- care) resulting from your above discussion to be incorporated in their discharge planning. Expected inclusion of other health disciplines which may support self-care on discharge -10% Reflection on Facilitator feedback: Reflect on the feedback provided to you by your Facilitator. Discuss how you have addressed these points when developing this paper. -20% Discuss why this feedback is significant to your ongoing professional development in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia , National competency standards for the RN’s, 2006.-10%