Palliative Care Nursing

Write a case study essay that discusses an appropriate plan of care relating to Tom and his family. This essay should:

Outline independent and collaborative nursing interventions for managing the two symptoms of pain and breathlessness;

Consider the cultural needs and suggest culturally appropriate approaches and interventions; • Provide evidence-based rationales for the interventions you propose;

Provide a description of how you would monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions within the context of palliative care. The emphasis is on a clear understanding of the individual’s palliative needs and the context of care. Your work should demonstrate an evidence-based approach through the use of relevant literature, systematic reviews, clinical care guidelines and other materials as appropriate. This will require you to use the CINAHL and Medline databases, Cochrane library, as a minimum, to retrieve information. You will also find Caresearch on the PCC4U website a useful resource.