Nursing Practices And DM Theory

We just finished my nursing placement in hospital in ICU ward.This assignment is regarding to the any placement event that needs to written with 7 stanadars of nursing practice. these are:1)Thinks critically and analyses nursing practices 2)engages in therapeutic and professional relationships 3)maintain the capability for practice 4)comprehensive conducts assessments 5)develop a plan for nursing practice 6)provide safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practice 7)evaluates outcomes to inform nursing practices and DM theory are 1)information process theory 2)expected utility theory 3)social judgement theory 4)cognitive continuum theory select one among these 4 theories based on the event mention in 7 standards please follow the marking rubric assignment guidelines strictly and you can assume any patients any age who csn be admitted in ICU.Any questions please let me know i dont have time to re do this assignment and its 70% marks