Nursing Assignment ISBAR Handover On Your Choice Of TWO Clients. Clinical Reasoning Cycle To Guide Y

Teams will be asked to adopt the role of a community nurse responsible for the management of four clients for a single day. Teams are provided with patient scenarios related to four clients who have varying chronic conditions and require a clinical review on your morning shift (0700 – 1530hrs).  Each team will present the following information to the tutorial facilitator – the presentation will take the format of a community handover and will include:  1. An outline of the community nurse’s role in relation to your chosen TWO (2) clients;

2. ISBAR handover on your choice of TWO clients.  You should use components of the clinical reasoning cycle to guide your ISBAR handover;

3. Daily planner incorporating all four clients including clinically justified patient appointment order, travel time, patient consult time, notes and meal breaks

4. All team members will be required to demonstrate an understanding of all four clients by being able to respond to questions from the tutorial facilitator.

Each team member is responsible for equal contribution to the activities and all team members are required to present.