Lunch with Nola J. Pender: Parents decision not to vaccinate children today MMR vaccine. Final digital presentation assignment Take a nursing theorist to lunch. You have been asked to have lunch with a nursing theorist that you select. You have a nursing issue, situation, problem that you would like them to explore with you. Select a nursing situation and discuss with the theorist how they would go about addressing the situation based on their theory. There is a creative component to this assignment and how creative you are is up to you. You may have fun with this assignment, however, please be respectful of the nurse theorist and their work. The deliverable for this assignment can be developed in any number of ways. Key components need to include 1. A clearly defined concern, issue, or problem and the relevance to nursing practice 2. A selected nursing theory that you describe and explain key points. Using information from this course and other research you do have the nursing theorist apply their nursing theory to concern, issue, or problem you have selected. 3. Create a deliverable where by you demonstrate that you have taken your selected nurse theorist to lunch and discussed with her or him your concern, issue, or problem. It will be helpful for you to have the theorist discuss the theory and how it could be applied to the concern, issue, or problem as well as the expected outcome of using this theory. The Portrait of Excellence videos on BB will be helpful to you in seeing the theorist and learning more about the theorist as a person. I would also suggest that you see what else might be on the internet. 4. The format of your deliverable is up to you. You may create a video of the conversation, you could have a voice over PowerPoint, you could create a simulation and debriefing video, or any number of other possibilities. I would encourage you to spend the first few weeks of the course thinking about what you want to focus your assignment on and then how you want to present your discussion with the theorist. It would be wise for you to have a goggle hangout, skype, or face to face meeting with me to discuss your plans and make sure you are on the right track for this assignment, are focused, and not trying to do too much. 5. Discuss the key areas of the concern, issue, or problem you have selected and how these correspond to the theory (this is where you explain the theory and how the theory would address the concern, issue, or problem in specific ways). This is the main focus of your presentation. 6. Evaluate the nursing theory, summarize how the theory addressed the concern, issue, or problem, and describe the outcome of the conversation you had with the nurse theorist. 7. Include a reference list using APA format. Incorrect formatting can result in a deduction of up to 10 points. Develop a visual aide to be included within your digital presentation—this can be a power point slide, video, Prezi, or some combination where by you demonstrate knowledge of the theory and application of the theory in nursing practice. As a minimum requirement, there needs to be something visual we see within your presentation and a voice over with a prepared script. You may work in pairs for this assignment. Both students are responsible for creating the visual and spoken work of the assignment and will receive the same grade. Creativity 10% Understanding of specific theory 40% Depiction of concern, issue, or problem in nursing practice 15% Discussion of how theory can address the concern, issue, or problem 25% Resources—you will want to use more than the textbook for the course 10%