Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:

CO 1 Critique the application of health and nursing informatics and quality

improvement in health care settings;

CO 2 Critically review management and leadership approaches within a nursing practice


CO 3 Critically evaluate own knowledge, skills and attitudes for transition for

professional practice and ongoing competence development; and

CO 4 Design an early career plan to support transition to professional practice.

Assessment description

This assessment has two parts (Parts A and B), and offers the opportunity for

description, analysis and reflection on:

• Leadership;

• Clinical practice;

• Patient care in a professional health care context; and

• Strategies that may assist practice as a newly graduated registered nurse.

Part A: Leadership approach (2,000 words equivalent)

During your nursing studies and clinical placements, you have had the opportunity to

observe and experience a range of approaches to leadership in use. These experiences

may have occurred in a range of different health contexts. In this part of the

assessment, choose and reflect on ONE leadership approach to discuss and evaluate its

potential impact on aspects of practice of a newly graduated Registered Nurse:

• communication

• documentation

• emerging leadership opportunities

• team work

• delegation

• scope of practice.

Part A directions:

Aspects to be covered in part A of the assessment are outlined:

• An introduction t