this is a 2000 words nursing case study essay. the scope of practice strictly limited to register nurses,( do not suggest any other medications. )file 1: please follow strictly of marking guide in attached file. read the aim and instruction of the essay first. then choose one of the client scenarios from CASE SCENARIO 1: MRS ANNA LENSKA or CASE SCENARIO 2: MR ERNIE BOULIA. please read marking criteria (with the marks allocated) carefully, notice words such as one, two, (means only one or two points can be discussed in detail” and, or, clearly describe, explain, specific…”. file 2: there is a PPT of essay break down attached with example of the assignment, the example is a different case. the last page of the PPT, there is a suggested essay structure with words allocated. (please read the PPT on slide 9,10, 11 and 15, they are really helpful). file 3: there is a PDF file regarding to healthcare education, please read it and use it as reference: the reference list will be (Tollefson, J., & Hillman, E. (2015). Clinical psychomotor skills : Assessment tools for nurses. Retrieved from file 4: word file of extra resources related to healthcare education and nurse role. file 5: word file of a example of reflection part: (criteria 4: reflection ) I m a Chinese, so please write this part from a Chinese perspective to Using a recognised model of reflection, reflects on how Chinese culture, values, attitudes assumptions and beliefs may influence your interaction with this client, their families, the community and colleagues .