Details: Each student is to select ONE of the below three topics for his/her written assignment. With each topic you are required to discuss the pre-operative and post-postoperative management required including specific preparation such as (but not limited to) investigations and education. Postop management should include the immediate post-operative period (first 24 hours) as well as longer term issues / complications that may be associated with the surgery. Topics: Topic 1: A patient is to undergo a resection and anastomosis for stage 1 colon cancer Topic 2: A patient is to have a split thickness skin graft following a full thickness burn to their right hand Topic 3: A nursing home patient is to undergo a total hip replacement for a fractured neck of femur post a fall at home Submission Details: 1” margins on all sides of page with double spaced in 12 point Times New Roman in WORD format. You are required to comply with set work limits, deviations beyond 10% either way maybe penalised (do not count the words in your reference list but do count the words used in in-text citations). See assignment mark guide attached. Submitting assignment in accordance with APA 6th referencing style. Search for and identify the key literature related to best practice in the topic area. You will be expected to use evidence-based journal articles (a minimum of five), textbooks (a minimum of two) and appropriate authoritative web sites (not Better Health Channel, Virtual Hospital, etc.), and all references used are to be no older than ten years. All references need to be published in the last 10 years You need to check your assignment Turnitin report which is available within 24 hours after submission (multiple submissions are allowed up until the due date and time) to ensure that your plagiarism report is no more than 15% (excluding reference list). Headings are encouraged to help you outline and structure your assignment. Do not use bullet points to organise your paragraphs; writing must be organised in logical and sequential paragraphs. An electronic copy of your assignment must be retained by you until after your final course grade has been processed by the University, and this copy must be available on request if re-submission is required.