QUESTION ONE (1): Identify and discuss the ethical issues in this case using the ‘four principles approach’ that is; acting for the good of individuals and society (beneficence), refraining from harming others (non-maleficence), being fair (justice), and allowing others to make decisions and act according to their own wishes (autonomy). Give reasons for your answers.

QUESTION TWO (2): What are the ethical principles raised in this case? Give reasons for your answers.

QUESTION 3 (THREE): Which one (1) of the women should the manager invite onto the CMP? Consider your answer with regard to doing the ‘greatest good’ using ethical theory (not just principles) to craft your response.

QUESTION FOUR (4): Were the nurses ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to assist with euthanising the patients? Use an ethical theory or the ‘four principles approach’ to develop your answer.