1. Go back and review what you submitted in assessment item 1 i.e. you initial assumptions at the beginning of your journey though this subject. Tip: Do not simply repeat what you wrote before, look at the feedback you received.
  2. Reviewand analyse what you submitted in assessment item 1 along with the subject content. Reflect and describe thoughts, feelings and emotions that have been experienced whilst participating in the subject. Use three (3) specific examples of learning activities. Tip: this is an extension of assessment item 1 not a repetition of what you have already written, it is a description of your personal journey in this subject. It is suggested that you use the ABCD Cultural assessment tool to enhance you discussion.
  3. Explainhow you think what you have learnt in this subject might impact on your future nursing practice with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. You are required to embed the Graduate Attributes, RN standards and UTS Indigenous Graduate Attributes.