Neurological, Sensory And Motor Assessment

Written Assessment: Case Study Weight: 30% Length: 1,500 words Task: Discuss the following in relation to this case: 1. Outline the incidence and prevalence of Ischaemic CVA in Australia and compare this to another country of your choice. 2. Critically discuss the assessment findings for the chosen case including neurological, sensory and motor assessment. 3. Discuss the nursing and interprofessional care and management for the chosen case. Support this discussion with current evidence based literature. Structure and presentation: This assignment is a piece of academic writing and needs to be structured as such, with an introduction and conclusion. You may use sub-headings as needed. It is a requirement of this assignment that 8 or more current relevant policies, practice guidelines, academic literature, and peer reviewed evidenced based sources (other than the prescribed texts) are referred to in your work. Use the marking criteria to guide you about aspects of presentation and formatting of this assignment