The aim of this assessment is to use your knowledge of the relationship between nutrition and health through the life stages to draw conclusions on one of the most important current topics in nutritional science.

To cover the following learning outcomes

Demonstrate extensive, detailed and critical knowledge  of the following:

a.       The relationship between nutrition in health and disease, human development and consequences of an unbalanced diet

b.      The integration and adaptability of different metabolic pathways in response to environmental stimuli including starvation and exercise

c.       Scientific basis of the safety and health promoting properties of nutrients and non-nutrient components of food, based on knowledge of the metabolic effects of nutrients, anti-nutrients, toxicants, additives, nutrient-nutrient interactions, ‘nutri-ceuticals’, functional foods, and any other metabolically active constituents of foods and the diet

d.      Nature of common conditions that require dietary manipulation or can affect physical activity, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer

e.       How nutritional needs change with age, gender, physical activity, lifestyle etc

f.       The role of religious and cultural beliefs and practices that impact on food, nutrition and health

g.      Food commodities (staple foods, main sources of key nutrients, novel foods etc) within UK and/or internationally

Design a diet to meet a specification appropriate for a stated situation for an individual or group.