Source a news item for an related to aged care from a popular media source – this could be a newspaper article, radio interview, blog or another source of online or hardcopy media (suitable online sites and hardcopy resources will be clarified by your tutor)

  • Provide a synopsis (with the integration of key literature into this summary) that states the relevance of the media topic to aged care.
  • A minimum of six (6) high-level journal papers published since 2014 is necessary for an adequate literature review. All articles must be outlined within a summary table using the headings provided below (NB: a template using these headings is available on UTS Online):

o   Authors / Study design / Sample / Intervention / Findings and Implications

  • Review the content of the media item to identify the author’s argument. Critically examine the strengths of their claims against the current aged care literature.
  • Identify any gaps in the information presented, implications for how this knowledge impacts on the care of older people and possible solutions for future care.