REVIEW 3 DIFFERENT U-TUBE VIDEOS and LIST ALL URLS USED FROM DIFFERENT SYSTEMS of a DETERIORATING INPATIENT CLIENT Select ONE to prepare a concept map. SEE questions that will assist you with your Concept Mapping. QUESTIONS to assist you in preparing a Concept Map What is happening in this U-Tube video – (Main Reason for Deterioration) – URL to be identified. Who is present/called/and WHY? What is being recorded if anything and Why? What medications are needed and Why? What was the patient outcome – Positive or Negative? Why? What triggers would be associated with the distress? Why? What would you be looking for or recognizing to decrease the chance of the deterioration? What Patient teaching would be required for patient and family? Compile this information into a concept map to identify these questions and how you would move forward through the deterioration of the inpatient client situation. Don’t forget to select at least one BPG and indicate why chose it. Be specific as to which guideline you are using and why??