Imagine you are on an elevator. You have got in at the first floor and it will take 5 minutes to reach your desired level of the building. The person next to you, without any clinical or research experience, asks you what project you are working on. You have 5 minutes to describe your project in general terms so that this person understands:

1. What problem you are addressing (problem statement) 2. How you went about solving the problem (project design) 3. And, what your project has found (outcomes)

In these five minutes you must engage this person and convince them of the relevance and importance of your project.

All presentations will be delivered to the class without Power Point. You are welcome to bring props if that will aid your presentation.

Part B: Specific details about this assessment task are available in eLearning.

Style and format

Please refer to detailed information regarding submission of assignments on the subject’s eLeaming site.

Subject Learning Outcomes