Leading Change in Practice- Blog 2.docx This assessment continues the learning about preparing a change management plan for proposed change. Once approval has been given by your managers you will now prepare a more detailed proposal. The assessment is in the form of a report however essay format is required, and you may use the PowerPoint presentation headings as a guide. For this assignment you will address the following; Describe the problem identified in Assessment 2 and briefly explain the rationale for the change Describe the change theory that will form the framework for the plan and explain the reason for selection this theory. Identify any specific groups of people that will need to be consulted and possibly included in this plan Identify any expected reactions/resistance and provide strategies to manage these Develop a plan that outlines all actions to be taken, who will be responsible for each action and assign a time frame for completion and an estimated budget for the project. (You may use table form to present some details of the plan but this must also be explained within the text) Include an evaluation strategy and explain how the outcomes of the change will be monitored and sustained in the organisation. This assessment task is about finalizing your business plan. This assessment requires a report like an essay in that it has an introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction – Describe the problem identified and the rationale for change Body – change management plan identifying who, what, when. Include change management goals, theory or framework, identify stakeholders and resistance to change, evaluation and dissemination Conclusion – summarising what has been achieved and where to from here or next steps including some ways of ensuring the change results are embedded in current practice.