We have already had order written by your writer 1023954. please use the same writer so he will have an idea for continuity of portfolio we are placing a new order in addition to this assignment. Learning outcome 3 activity only 400 words in total. 100 words each question Learning outcome 7 activity only 300 words in total. answer each question 100 words each with good references support. Learning outcome 8 activity only. follow molly,s case study and answer activity questions 100 to 150 words each question. total 600 to 800 Learning outcome 9 activity only in Activity part there are 6 questions 100 words each total 600 words. Learning outcome 10 activity only Critical analysis 250 words with references. Note. Please follow module guidance for writing and marking criteria and Harvard referencing and format as advised in guidance. also utilize indicative reading list for resources. I have attached files for example and structure building. The folder named as additional information needs completing only activity parts. you can look at the electronic portfolio for guidance and follow prompts on blank template. Please let me know if you do not understand my requirements. and do it good job in first attempt as this is my additional one week for submission deadline.