We need an urgent essay about teamwork with 1200 words. It should be based on my personal experience I have had in a clinical setting & what and how the appropriate teamwork strategies can help solve these issues. Need to follow exactly the module specific instruction to write the essay. NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE and must have at least 5 references which must be less than 10 yrs old. Personal clinical experience: – Went to one of the hospitals for attachment whereby there was very poor teamwork among the staffs there and this was observed on a daily basis on my one week attachment there but the worst experience there was during one of the afternoon shifts : • There was poor communication between staff nurse A ( morning shift) who was handing over the shift to the staff nurse B ( afternoon shift). Staff nurse A was afraid of staff nurse B as she was a senior staff (assistant nurse clinician) who was very fierce and staff nurse B was very angry that particular day as there were not enough staff for the shift due to high medical leave rate that day and she was made to work with a new staff and students managing 10 patients with 4 of them on chemo therapy. But all patients were stable. • The senior staff was also openly complaining about the new staff’s work to another staff nurse from another team in front of the new staff herself and us students which made us very uncomfortable. • There was no clear instructions from the senior staff as to what was expected of the new staff and us students. She just kept shouting and throwing faces at us throughout the shift. • The senior staff didn’t trust the new staff’s work and made us students double check her work. MODULE-SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This is an INDIVIDUAL written assignment. 2. Each student is to write on the following management concept which you have encountered in the clinical setting. – Teamwork 3. The content would include: – Introduction (50 words) • State the intent of your assignment – Description of Clinical Experience (200 words) • Provide a clear, concise summary of your selected clinical situation (include who, what, where, why and how of the situation) -Theoretical Analysis/Application (600 words) • Discuss how you would have handled the situation using one of the management concepts • Literature references need to be clearly specified and applied appropriately. -Implications for Professional Practice and Management (300 words) • Write a clear, concise analysis of: – What you learned from this experience? • How will this benefit you in your career? • Include an appropriate SNB Code for Nurses and Midwives (2018) that applies to this experience. -Conclusion (50 words) 4. Word limit: 1200 words. • Please refer to the rubric marking criteria for details. • Number of references would be an average of five (5), consisting of books, journals and articles on-line) All relevant documents have been uploaded. the yellow parts in the guidelines are the most important ones. Have attached a sample essay as to how the essay should be