The critical discussion paper should address the following issues:

  1. What data deviate from normal findings, suggesting the need for further investigation?
  2. What additional information should the nurse ask or question for?
  3. Describe the patient’s presenting problem focusing on the pathophysiological issues.
  4. Identify 2 nursing diagnosis that needs immediate interventions and discuss the nursing

management appropriate for the patient and evaluations of the nursing management plans

presented in the literature.

  1. Explain the pharmacokinetics of the prescribed medications in ED and their indications.
  2. Discuss nursing management of the prescribed medication in ED, the adverse effects of the

medications, contraindication, and side effects, with the age of the patient in mind, using evidence-based literature.

7.Describe in detail the information you would share with the patient and how you will educate the patient about the interactions and long-term effects of the regular medications of Mrs. Grace