You need to choose one article according to your speciality or anything that interests you…. and then write a reflection in either patient/health care precessions /family or friend perspectives. choose from article/journal/story /or videos, journals, story books, magazines, blogs, online postings …. just need to create one scenario to reflect.

For your assessment:

Review, refine and reference your reflection and 700 words submission using the 5 R’s of reflection, as follows:

1) Reporting : Provide a brief descriptive account of a situation/issue (i.e. the reflective trigger). What happened/what the situation/issue involved.

2) Responding: Record your emotional/personal response to the situation/issue. Your observations, feelings and questions about the situation/issue.

3) Relating: Report on your personal and theoretical understandings relevant to the situation/issue. Making connections between the situation/issue and your experience, skills, knowledge and understanding.

4) Reasoning: Your explanation of the situation/issue. Explaining the situation/issue in terms of the significant factors, relevant theory and/or experience.

5) Reconstructing: Drawing conclusions and developing a future action plan