Aim of assessment

The aims of the assessment are for students to:

– Discuss the principles and processes of evidence based practice;

– Critically discuss barriers and facilitators to implementing evidence based practice in the clinical area;

– Conduct a comprehensive literature search on a clinical question.

The purpose of this two part assessment is to enable postgraduate students to utilise their clinical experience within

their learning and skill development associated with critically reviewing the literature as part of evidence based practice.


PART A: Essay 1,800 words (40%)

With reference to your own clinical practice in no more than 1800 words identify the challenges and describe strategies for implementing an evidence-based approach to clinical practice. Incorporate literature into your discussion. You may find some of the readings on the unit vUWS website useful to get you started. However, it is expected that you will conduct your own search for additional reading material. Marking criteria for the assignment are listed on the later part of this Learning Guide.