Write a report which identifies, discusses and assesses a current issue in the area of multimedia and Information Technology. Particular attention should be given to any social, cultural, ethical, and legal implications of these new technologies across different contexts. You are required to produce your own report on a topic area focusing on a contemporary issue in multimedia and Information Technology. Your topic must be determined in consultation with your tutor to ensure content suitability and to avoid excessive duplication of content areas with your peers. An extensive set of example topics is attached as a source of ideas, but you are encouraged to identify topic areas on your own initiative and to raise these with your tutor seeking authority to proceed. Topic areas selected on this basis should be of a narrow but detailed nature. All students are encouraged to select a specialised (rather than general) topic area. It is anticipated that doing so will enable you to undertake detailed study in an area that: • you hold intrinsic interest in • has specific relevance and application to an aspect of your personal and/or professional life either currently or in the future • you will find more motivating, and strive to achieve a higher quality product • you will embrace, and experience higher levels of self-satisfaction • you will gain greater generic knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding research and the production of reports.