Assessment Task 1: Identification of issues and searching for evidence In this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to develop clinical questions about appropriate areas of nursing or healthcare practice and to search the literature for evidence to answer these questions. You will be required to: Identify an issue or situation from practice or in healthcare that requires an evidence-based approach; Explain and explore the reasons why this issue is important for you as a health professional to understand, drawing on the literature to support your argument; Develop a searchable question using an appropriate framework; Design a search strategy, including database choice, key terms, and Boolean operators (tables may be used for this section); Identify four research articles that address your question, using the highest possible evidence sources. The evidence you find will form the basis for your second assessment task. Marking criteria 1. Identifies a topic that requires an evidence-based approach, and justifies its importance to nursing or healthcare practice. This topic may be one that has arisen in your practice to date – for example, an intervention or technique that has been carried out in different ways by different nurses, or an area of practice that particularly interests you, or an issue that relates to yourself or a family member. While we would prefer you to choose a nursing-specific topic, you are welcome to look at a wider area of healthcare if you can justify why you as a nurse would need to know this. 2. Designs a searchable clinical question using an appropriate framework. Depending on the type of question, you may choose to use PICO, PEO, PICo, or any other framework you may have found that works for you. Remember to reference the framework and explain it briefly (all components identified), to demonstrate your understanding and why you have chosen it. 3. Demonstrates the ability to locate research relevant to the topic, using a well-constructed search strategy; four articles identified. This section of your essay should include the databases you chose to search and why you made this choice (again, referencing is needed here to explain your choice) the keywords/key terms used, and the way in which these were combined to form your searches how successful your searches were, across different databases. You may use a table to set this out clearly, rather than complete sentences in paragraph form. Four articles should be found using this search strategy, with preference given to high-level evidence. Please note that you MUST use research papers for this assignment, and for assignment 2. Appropriate research articles Primary research: articles describing a single study, written by the researchers themselves. These articles will explain how the study was carried out and the results of that study. please follow the paper structure outlined in kun doxxx