Your assignment is to produce a written piece of work addressing the following areas;



  • Briefly describe the pathophysiology of the appendix in relation to the gastrointestinal system. In your answer identify the clinical manifestations of appendicitis.

Pre-operative Considerations   

 Outline pre-op considerations with particular attention to Josh diagnosis.

Nursing Management Post-op


Develop Two Nursing Diagnosis

 Using either the Primary survey or DRSABCDE develop Two Post-OP Nursing Diagnosis.

Develop Two SMART Goals for each Nursing Diagnosis

  • ALL Goals/Plans MUST BE SMART

Specific< Measurable<Achievable <Realistic<Timely.

Develop One Implementation for each SMART Goal

  • Students must provide evidence based practice or rationale for each implementation/task.


  • Outline three medication that may be prescribed for Josh post-op including indications for use, side effects and nursing considerations on medication administration.