Assessment details Assessment task 1: Literature Review Task Description Following selection and negotiation of your topic with your tutor, you should define your search terms and data sources and undertake a comprehensive review of the literature around your area of study. The review must have a wide scrutiny that includes both contemporary literature and seminal pieces of work. Critically analyse the literature and write a paper that demonstrates a comprehensive and critical understanding of the literature in your chosen area. Your literature review should draw on recent, evidence-based literature, using a minimum of 15 scholarly references to support your paper. Assessment Criteria Measures Intended Learning Outcome: Demonstrates critical analysis of evidence based research by: • Outlining main issues, developing a well formulated argument. • Demonstrating critical analysis with evidenced based literature, utilising a variety of literature to compare & contrast and support & challenge arguments, ideas and popular theory. • Synthesising, applying and analysing new knowledge creatively. Demonstrates knowledge of the presentation, diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions by: • Critically analysing management and treatment interventions, including key neuroscience nursing interventions. Communicates in academic writing by: • Writing clearly in an academic style. • Utilising correct English conventions (spelling, punctuation and grammar). • Utilising the Harvard referencing system. • Adhering to presentation requirements and word limit. 1,2,3,4 Task length 2000 words