Academic essay about the Australian Nursing Industry:

i.  Industry (500 words).  Describe the structure, role and function of key regulatory bodies related to nursing in Australia (AHPRA, NMBA and ANMAC) and other significant peak bodies related to nursing ie: (ACN, ANMF)

ii.             Profession skills (500 words). Focus on the profession and describe skills, qualities, attitudes or knowledge that are valued and required to be successful in nursing. What  role might you aspire to within the profession? Are there requirements for the professionals within the industry ie: (competency standards, code of conduct/code of ethics). What do professionals in the field identify as necessary to be successful?

iii.            Personal skills (200 words). Reflect briefly on both your strength and weaknesses about those you have identified as valued in your profession. You might like to consider your personality and learning style as well as skills gained through work experience and co-curricular activities. Avoid using generic terms ie (teamwork). How do you know these are your strengths/weaknesses? What prior experiences have led you to think so?


Your assessment should include an introduction, body, conclusion and Reference list. Use headings if needed. Your assessment will be evaluated on the following assessment criteria using a marking rubric. Referencing must be APA.