The Topic is Should the digital health record be implemented for all patients? Asessment Part 1: Annotated Bibliography This assessment task will enable you to: • develop effective research skills through collating and analysing relevant and quality material related to a contemporary nursing issue; • develop theoretical and practical understanding of the research literature on a contemporary nursing issue. You are required to write an annotated bibliography of three (3) valid, reliable and peer reviewed sources relevant to the topic you have chosen from the list provided. Marking Guide: Refer to the marking rubric for specific details required for successful completion of task. Weighting: 20% Length: 500 words References: three (3) reputable, current sources Submission: Due Monday August 26th by 1200hrs via moodle assessment submission link In this task, you will have an opportunity to practice your research and reading skills, paraphrasing and summarising skills, academic writing, and your understanding of APA referencing. The purpose of this task is to prepare you for writing Part 2 (Literature Review). You are expected to find three journal articles and write an annotation for each. These articles can also be used in the Literature Review (Part 2). You will also need to include evidence of the search strategy you use to locate your three articles, including the search terms you used to locate them and the specific databases where you found your articles. This task will include: Three (3) annotations of three peer-reviewed, primary journal articles (last 5-7 years) comprising the following parts: fdlGrades UD_NURBN1005_2019/20_2019-07-22 08:46:43 CRICOS Provider Number: 00103D 9 /16 Course Description (Higher Education) NURBN1005 INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH & EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE Full citation of the journal article using APA referencing style A general statement about the author’s purpose for writing. A short summary of the content. A comment on the potential usefulness of the article for your literature review Reflection on the usefulness of the article for the nursing profession more broadly A list of the search terms you used to locate your article The name of the database you used to source the article Writing style: an annotated bibliography is a piece of formal academic writing and follows the general rules for all academic writing; Arrange in alphabetical order Write in a SINGLE paragraph (usually about 100-200 words, depending on the format but check with your lecturer) Write in full sentences using academic writing style Use transition words (e.g. furthermore, moreover, however, therefore) Be concise – mention only significant details in your summary Use examples from other annotated bibliographies to guide and check your writing style Do NOT repeat information (e.g. the title) that is already in your citation Do NOT cross reference i.e. use any in-text references as you are only writing about a single text.