You are required to watch the videos (from the PCC4U website), reflect on and respond questions related to the following three cases (You may download the transcripts):


Case study 1. Betty’s story

Betty is a 70-year- old woman married to Alan, also 79. Betty and Alan have a

close family network; their daughter Cheryl, has two young boys and they see

each other regularly.

Two years ago Betty was diagnosed with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

following routine tests organised by her GP. Betty has multiple co-morbidities

including: Type 2 Diabetes, IHD, PVD, HT and a STEMI 2 years ago.

Her kidney disease has been fairly stable since diagnosis. Betty has been well

managed by her GP in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team at the kidney

clinic. The renal dietician has been providing nutritional information and

support to Betty and Alan, advising them on the impact of certain foods on her

renal function.

For the past month or so, Betty has been experiencing new symptoms. She is

lethargic, slightly short of breath, nauseated at times and her legs are

oedematous. Betty is concerned about these new symptoms and is seeing her

team at the Kidney clinic tomorrow to discuss this.


Please see the video relating to Betty on this link to PCC4U:


What treatment/management option Betty has identified as her preference?

Outline what this would involve.

What key factors need to be considered to enable Betty to have the End of Life Care she would prefer?