Assignment 1: Family assessment report The aim of this assignment is to develop skills in family assessment. You will need to enlist the support and assistance of a family. This may be from a friendship group or acquaintances from your social interactions or work colleagues. The family should have at least one child but a specific family issue is not necessary. Close family members should be avoided as this may place undue expectations on yourself and these relatives. A client from your clinical practice experience may not be appropriate from the service perspective, as you would need to see the family outside the health service visit. Remember to assure the family of confidentiality and that fictitious names will be used in the report. You should allow 1-1½ hours to undertake the family assessment tasks. Guidelines for the family assessment report Content You will need to prepare a report that addresses the following areas: apply the Calgary model (questions and responses may be provided as an Appendix and referred to in discussion) to the family assessment interview and identify aspects that may impact the child/children provision of a genogram and your reflections relating to its application to the assessment process provision of a sociogram (ecogram) and your reflections relating to its application to the assessment process the strengths and challenges (stressors) identified through the family assessment are discussed (a table could be used for this and referred to in discussion) your critical reflections of undertaking the family assessment drawing on the literature Preparation A brief introduction and conclusion for the paper. Sub headings may be used. Tools (e.g. genogram and sociogram) should be shown in the body of the report. Aspects of this paper may be written in the first person style. The critical reflections must be supported with relevant recent literature/policies.